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Professional Watch and Clock








At Best Time Watch Repair, we provide an array of premium services to ensure your cherished timepieces, including watches, clocks, and other valuable timepiece treasures, operate flawlessly and effectively for many years to come!


Our process is very simple! Below is an example of how EASY the process is to getting your watch or clock repaired;


Call, Text, or E-Mail us for Drop off for a FREE ESTIMATE*!

- You can Call, Text or E-Mail anytime to schedule a time to drop off your timepiece to get a quote. Estimates do take time - So the sooner you get your timepiece in, the quicker you will receive an estimate. Once you drop your watches or clocks off, your estimate will be available once we have a chance to look over everything and get all repair options together. (Again, this could take some time) We will give you a general overview of the recommended services to ensure your watch or clock functions well into the future. We Offer As Many Professional High Quality Services As We Can For Our Customers To Help Assist In ANY Timepiece Needs They would Have!


Drop Your Timepiece(s) Off For A Free Estimate!

    We make the process easy for you!

 - Once you have been given an ESTIMATE, you can then approve to start the required service. Any Watches Or Clocks Can Be Sent In to Our location at 2747 Crawfis Blvd. Suite 105 Fairlawn, Ohio 44333. We Also Currently Accept Walk-In Dropoffs!


Payment For Service;

 - After the Services have been performed, and the timepiece(s) pass a series of quality checks - That's when you will receive an invoice, which is a request for payment. We make the repair process as EASY as we can for YOU!


Reschedule Service For Your Timepiece!

 - After you have received your Timepiece from our store and repair center - You should find that all of your needs were met. If we do miss any desired service, or you need any other further services - Feel free to ask! Remember to schedule your next service for the timepiece as soon as we would recommend! We will give you all the information you require when you receive your watch or clock from service.


Check and Track Your Repair Online 24/7!

Dedicated Technicians (Team Members) Are Available To Help Answer Any Questions That You May Have! Dedicated Customer Service is Available Via Call, Text, or Email!

Recent Services/Repairs

Business Info




2747 Crawfis Blvd. Suite 105

Fairlawn, Ohio 44333



Phone: (330) 541-5034



TUES-SAT: 11:00am - 6:00pm

*Call, Text, or E-Mail to schedule an appointment for Larger Timepieces / Grandfather Clocks / In-Home Floor Clock Services + Estimates


Best Time Watch Repair Co.

Our Business is Family Owned and Operated - We have a Retail Location for customers to buy items such as watches, pockets watches, mantel clocks, standing clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and many other items! You can also have your purchased timepiece serviced in the future by Best Time Watch Repair!



Our services are Highly Unique and Specialized. We save customers Time, Money, and most of all... TIME ⌚

- The Best Prices on services and repairs

- The Highest Level of Workmanship and Quality

 - True art and design: We are traditional Watchmakers and Clock Repair Specialists

- Constant contact on repairs (We have a dedicated online tool to check repair statuses 24/7!)

- True Dedication - We love everything that keeps time!

- We give you options - From simple necessary repairs to Custom designs and "Hard-to-Fix" Repairs

 - The Best Part Is That: Our Prices Are Meant to be Affordable, but with High-Quality Repairs and Professional Service!


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