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Stainless Steel Watch Band Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Your name is "Best Time Watch Repair", do you work on clocks? A. Yes, we work on any item that keeps time: Wrist Watches, Mantel Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks, Clock Towers, Pocket Watches, Custom Timepieces, and MANY MORE!

Q. I live far away from your location and I need repairs. A. For watches and smaller Clocks/Timepieces, you can send your item to us at:

Best Time Watch Repair

1748 West Market St. Akron, Ohio 44313

For larger items, or if you are in need of residential/commercial pick up, than you can schedule an appointment by calling us (330)541-5034 or CLICK HERE for our Contact page.

Q. I am in the local area and having trouble finding your location. A. Our location can be hard to find, call us anytime (330)541-5034 or visit THIS PAGE for more details. We appreciate your patience in finding our location.

Q. How long do repairs typically take? A. Repair times do vary and we will always provide a clear estimated Time Frame on when your Watch/Clock will be done. We also provide as many updates as requested by the contact method your prefer (Call, Text, E-Mail)

Q. What methods of payment do you accept? A. We have a WIDE variety of methods for our customers to pay for repairs or other services. We Accept Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Personal/Business Check (Fees/Fines for "Bad Checks"), and we accept every major form of Credit Card. Alternatively, we can also send an Electronic Invoice so that you may pay securely at your convenience through our provider Square.©

Q. I have sent my watch or clock but have not heard from you. A. We are extremely busy at times - BUT WE NEVER FORGET OR NEGLECT TO CALL A CUSTOMER UPON RECEIPT OF THEIR TIMEPIECE. We will always contact you to let you know that your watch or clock has arrived at our Repair Location, and if you have not heard from us; we advise using your package Tracking Number to determine where the item is at in transit. If your item says "DELIVERED" and you have not heard from us: you can call us anytime (330)541-5034 and we would be happy to take a look to see if we are in the process entering the item into our Inventory. Things happen, and sometimes packages are lost. It is not a common occurrence but it should be noted that any lost packages would need to be filed by the carrier in which the package was sent.

Q. My repairs are really expensive! A. We DO offer payment plans on items to make paying for repairs that much easier.

We will update this page often to reflect the growing concerns and requests of our Customers. If you have any other questions not listed above, call us anytime (330)541-5034 or CLICK HERE for our contact page.