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Services and Pricing

We do provide routine services such as Cleaning and Oiling (Lubrication) of any timepiece; Including high-end services for Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Baume & Mercier, Raymond Weil, IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Ball Watch, A. Lange Sohne, Ulysse Nardin, Jaeger LeCoultre, and MANY MORE!

This service is commonly called a "CLA" in the watchmaking industry and stands for Cleaning, Lubrication, and Adjustment of the movement. Some service centers may call it a "COA" which stands for Cleaning, Oiling, and Adjustment, and some watch repair person(s) may call it an "Overhaul" - But we feel the most appropriate term is the 'CLA', which most accurately describes the service being performed.

The CLA Services are 100% required for ALL MECHANICAL Watches AND Clocks to ensure the greatest chance of avoiding part wear/tear and as a preventative measure against part failures (Which have a much higher chance of occurring when a timepiece isn't serviced at all OR serviced improperly)

WE SERVICE ALL TIMEPIECES IN-HOUSE USING HIGH-END TOOLS, PARTS, AND SWISS LUBRICANTS. Nothing but the best will be used on/around/in your timepiece.

NOTE: All Timepieces are kept under lock and key, with various forms of security. Exceptionally higher-end timepieces may be kept in a specialized safe (vault).

We offer A Battery Replacement Service For A Wide Variety Of Watches. We Will Also Replace Any Broken Gaskets To Ensure Maximum Water-resistancy for Your Watch! Battery Cell Replacements Start at (USD) $12.00-15.00 for BASIC  and $20.00-25.00+ for ADVANCED/Complex Battery Cell Replacements, And Can Vary Depending On The Model of the Watch and the type/rarity of the cell used.

Broken or Scratched Watch Glass or Crystal? We Can Help! It Is Very Easy To Scratch or Damage Your Favorite Watch Glass - But With Our Services It Is Easy To Get Your Cracked Or Completely Broken Crystal Replaced! We also offer a variety of crystal options; such as Sapphire crystal upgrades!

Band Sizing

We Make Gold Shine Like Brand New, We Make Silver Shimmer! Any Metal Can Be Buffed And Polished In Our Workshop To Help Restore Some Of The Original Beauty To Keep Your Watch or Timepiece in Good Condition Long Into The Future. Any Small Dents and Scratches Can Be Removed From Your Precious Heirlooms To Keep Them In Top Quality Shape!

Our Services Also Include TIMING ADJUSTMENTS! If Your Mechanical or Automatic Wrist Watch Is Running Too Slow or Too Fast - This Can Be Adjusted By Our Master Watchmaker. This Task Requires Extreme Patience And Skill To Be Able To Match Your Watch Within Proper Swiss Industry Standards of The Watch Not Gaining Or Losing No More Than 5 Seconds A Day! That's +/- 5 Seconds DAILY! The Best Part + It's Completely Affordable With Most Adjustments Starting Out At Just (USD) $50.00!

A Watch Can Completely Stop Working When A Crown Or Stem Is Broken Off Or Damaged. The Crown is the Part Of The Watch That You Can Turn To Set The Time With Your Fingers. The Stem is The Part That Attaches The Crown To The Inside of the Watch To Actually Turn The Inside Gears To Set The Time. Think Of The "Crown" As The Easy-Gripping Device That Helps You To Be Able To Set The Time. Crowns Do Break Off Of Stems - And Stems Do Occasionally Snap Off Entirely And Your Watch May Quit Working. We Are Here To Help! We Can Restore Your Watch Crown And Stem Or We Can Install A New One Depending On What The Job Calls For.

Is Your Dial Chipped, Cracked, Or Water Damaged? WE Have A Service That Will Be Able To Restore Your Watch Dial Using As Much Original Integrity As Possible. Our Services Come In A 1) Basic Service And A 2) Completely Original (ADVANCED) Service!

If Your Watch Had Original Waterproofing Or If You Take Your Watch In The Water A Lot, Than Chances Are You Will Want To Maintain It's Water Resistance. We Will Replace Any Faulty Gaskets Within Your Watch And It Will Be Oiled By Our Master Watchmaker And Given A FULL Water Pressure Test To Check For Water Resistance Capabilities. A Valuable Service To Keep Your Watch Running Smoothly!

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