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Offering the Best in Watch and Clock Repair with Many Repair Options at Affordable Prices. We Truly Do Care About Our Customers and Their Items!


2747 Crawfis Blvd. Suite 105 Fairlawn, Ohio 44333


About Us

Our company was started in 2016 to provide high quality and affordable watch services to people across the world. Being a "Take-In" And Home-based Watch Repair Shop has given us the ability to service watches from across the nations and countries and We strive for the same quality that you would see from the Manufacturer. With a wide range of capabilities and possibilities - No job or repair is too big for us to handle! Feel free to contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE by clicking HERE or Call (330)541-5034.

Our team is led by Master WatchMaker, Clock Repair Technician, and Timepiece Diagnostician, Joshua Neal, Who is a First Generation WatchMaker. Learning from the best in the Horological community, and adapting different styles and techniques:  The fine art and extreme attention to detail make Joshua the best person to work on your Timepiece with high-quality repairs! Services/Quality Inspection And Project Organization Is Being Done By Josh's Wife, Lindsay Foglio.

Our location has served a great deal in exposing us to customers in our busy area. The repair shop is located off of very busy West Market St. near the Summit Mall.

Our Business is Family Owned and Operated - We also sell items such as watches, pockets watches, mantel clocks, standing clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and many other items!


Our services are very unique, we save customers Time, Money, and most of all... TIME.

- The Best Prices on services and repairs

- The Highest Level of Workmanship and Quality

 - True art and design: We are traditional Watchmakers and Clock Repair Specialists

- Constant contact on repairs (as often as you would like - Via phone call, text, or E-Mail)

- True Dedication - We love everything that keeps time!

- We give you options - From simple necessary repairs to Custom designs and "Hard-to-Fix" Repairs

 - ...And Best of All: Our Prices Are Meant to be Affordable but with High-Quality Repairs and Service!


We hope to see you soon, and I personally enjoy meeting every last person - and the watches and clocks that every customer has - tell a story of Time, Art, Science, Patience, and Human Innovation through history and time.

- Joshua N.

Owner, Watchmaker