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Bracelet Sizing Guide

Simply Download the form and print it out. We can also send you a form by Mail! Any questions simply call (330) 541-5034

Print the form on the LEFT, and write down the exact measurement of your wrist. Click HERE for the printable version.

Using the Diagram on the RIGHT shows how easily it is to measure your wrist size. This size can be used for Watch Bands, Bracelets, and even Ankle Measurements!

These measurements can than be used by our expert watchmaker to provide you options on choosing the correct band, bracelet, or strap for your watch. You will always be given options when choosing the new replacement part for your watch. These options can range from a very cost effective (Cheaper) option - All the way up to the Original Manufacturer Parts and/or Customizable Item.

Still have questions? Give us a call at (330) 541-5034

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