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RMA Status Explanations

RMA Status Explanations;

  • Intake: You Are Still In The Process Of Either: 1) Gathering Info For An Estimate OR, 2) Still Being Looked Over. Please Be PATIENT.

  • Approved: It Does Mean That The Process Has Begun Of Finding Parts/In The Repair Queue/ETC.

  • Estimates Available: Estimates are available for one or more of your timepiece(s). We will be in the process of contacting you via your preferred method of contact. You may also contact us for Approval.

  • Estimates Given: Estimates have been given, and we are still awaiting your repair decision.

  • In Repair: Your Timepiece(s) are in repair. This part of the process may take a bit of time depending upon how complex the projects is. PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR THE BEST REPAIR RESULTS.

  • Quality Check: Your Timepiece(s) are in a process of checking, observation, adjustments, etc. for the final stages of completion. This is another part of the process that may take some time. Quality Check for clocks will naturally take much longer than watches. Timepiece(s) may go from Quality Check to In Repair a number of times until completed. PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR THE BEST REPAIR RESULTS.

  • Searching for Parts: We have started the process of Searching for Parts to complete your repair. Depending upon the age and overall complexity of the timepiece; This may take some time. Rest assured that if it has been some time - It may be a very rare, obsolete, and/or older timepiece. Periodic searches are done for parts that cannot be made in-house.

  • Waiting for Parts: Some, If not all, of the required part(s) have been ordered to complete your repair service. Once part(s) are ordered: the part and any timeframes for the part delivery are COMPLETELY out of our control. There are a lot of factors that go into the shipping and rest assured once the part is received it will begin the process of finishing the repair or getting it into the repair service queue.

  • Waiting for Service Agreement Completion: For all customers; a service agreement is required. This does mean that we are still waiting for the signing of your service agreement. Please check your email or contact us to sign in-person. From this stage, once signed, you will go into the approved queue. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

  • Warranty Repair: This means that your repair was likely accepted and filed under a warranty repair. Please be patient, as it will likely take a bit of time. If a timepiece has issue(s) it will likely be a difficult repair and take some time, OR it may take some time to let some issue(s) show themselves to be repaired. A lot of times once further warranty repairs or adjustments are made it will undergo a thorough Quality Check and in a lot of cases can be in multiple “rounds” of Quality Check. For example; A Clock has a total run-time of 9 days. An issue may not present itself until day 6 or 7, and then it may take a bit of time to make the required adjustments and then at the very least it would have to run out for the full 9-day run-time, and in a lot of circumstances multiple times to ensure the issues were remedied. NOTE: Warranty Repairs are exceedingly rare.


For The BEST REPAIR RESULTS, Please Be Patient Throughout The Repair Process.

To Check Your Repair Status; visit and Type In Your Phone Number; 3306207327 (FOR EXAMPLE: 3305415034). You Can Also Search Using Your RMA ID Number: B-10282023-02035. (NEED HELP CHECKING YOUR REPAIR STATUS? FOR DETAILED INFO ON HOW TO CHECK YOUR REPAIR STATUS CLICK HERE!), PLEASE TAKE TIME, AS IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT, TO READ OUR FAQ FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ON THE REPAIR PROCESS AND GENERAL INFO Please note, if you have multiple repairs: You will only be able to find the relevant repair with your unique RMA ID that is attached to each repair.

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